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Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Everything is moving at warp speed!

Well, second site visit is over (well almost... I'm still in my 4.5 day commute from the town I will be nearest to in Eastern Province back to training in Copperbelt Province, and when in Lusaka, do as the Romans and use high-speed internet right?).
The site visit went, I will leave it at that.... it wasn't all it was cracked up to be! It did show me that there is a LOT possible for each and every volunteer if they put their mind to it though! Everyone will be doing something a bit different related to HIV/AIDS and nutrition. I am hoping to work with youth organizations for peer education, under-5 clinics to educate mothers and soon-to-be mothers and mother-to-child transmission... oh and I hear its hard for me to farm at my site due to the distant water source... so I have decided to raise chickens (go figure) as one of my "lead by example" projects! All of this is pretty hazy right now as I have never stepped foot into the village that will become my home for the next two years, but I am sure it will be an awesome experience!
As far as travel goes, busses on my journey back to training leave at 3am on consecutive days, so I am trying really hard to be coherent right now. I have a headache from the screaming toddler in front of me for the 6-7 hour ride... but other than that it was better than the times that the minibusses broke down in kenya or that one time Gillian and I were on a bus with my host mother and it slid some feed down the side of a cliff... hmmm... no experiences like that in Zambia (yet).
Speaking of transport. To get to the internet for the next two years this is the ordeal that I will go through. Leave my house in the late afternoon on a 3-4 hour bike ride to the nearest town, wait around in town until dark, get on a bus at dark (8pm) and wait on the bus until it leaves soemtime around 3am, then get into the provincial capital at 7 or 8am and go to the PC house there and wait for the internet cafe to open, then go back to the house to hang out, wait all day and most of the night to walk back to the bus stop in the early morning to make the trip backwards. All of this being said... WRITE ME LETTERS! No, but seriously... where have all of you gone, what are you doing, whats new? whats old? tell me a funny story, draw me a picture, send a cheezy postcard... then I will have your addresses and can write tales of my adventures and just random thoughts back to you!
As far as packages and sending things goes... my maglite has a shortcircuit and I could use a new one, or a good flashlight that takes AA batteries. I am not missing anything in particular yet... but we will see how that goes! I'll keep you updated, and you know me and what I like anyway eh?
My new address to sum all of this up is:

Katherine King/ PCV
P.O. Box 530376
Lundazi, Eastern Province

Use it, love it, and I'll love you back!
On yet another note, I have been slacking on the pictures, but my closest neighbor in homestay and the girl that I have seen absolutely every day of my service has done a much better job at documenting our lives, the important parts, the funny parts, and the parts when we just go crazy from boredom, stress or a combination of both. So check out her blog for a link to pictures: espector.blogspot.com ENJOY! you will surely laugh at a few that she is trying to post today... just be patient if they don't get posted now now... they will be there soon soon (theres your first taste of zamspeak!)

Lots of love to everyone! (oh, send your phone numbers in letters too... you never know, I could come across some extra kwacha to make a quick phone call in your direction!)


Anonymous Josh Bremseth said...

It's good to hear the King is doing well. Nothing to report from the states. Well, except this: copper prices are very high in the world market and that makes people lose their mind. Perhaps it is just Tennesseans, but, in any case, some man cut a large copper wire to recycle it for money (I presume). However, the wire was live - so he's no longer with us. I guess the fact that it was connected to a power-plant should have been his first clue. I suppose my copper bracelet is like rusty-green gold nowadays.

Oh! I've taken to using Kaonde in local situations, which, as you can guess is puzzling to the redneck. Anyway, things must be heating up in Zambia. Both metaphorically and physically. With all the site visits and assignments and whathaveyou. If you get a chance here is my email (it is very creative). joshuabremseth@hotmail.com
Try not to drink too much shake-shake. Over and out -Josh.

10:01 PM  
Anonymous Chad Wilson said...

Katey King, you are going to be such an amazing chicken farmer! I wish I could be there to experience that...haha.

I miss you! And I'm totally going to send you something soon, k?

Be safe, and have fun! :o)


8:32 AM  
Anonymous Sarah Studer said...

Oh Katey, I miss you so. I will write you a letter soon, updating you on all my hot summer gossip... of which there is none... but still. much love,

8:50 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katey King is my niece. She is serving in the Peace Corps as my official representative. She is a good girl. We love her.

7:44 PM  
Anonymous Julie Weis said...

katey MF king

awesome pictures of you biking through africa with your bag and ipod. looks like a sweet bike they hooked you up with. also, try to send one of your friend's puppies to the house via air mail. eh, eh?

seems like you are doing well, you are very missed here

9:49 PM  
Anonymous kat said...

katey - you're such a rockstar! :) justin passed on your blog address. i'm so excited to go and read your past entries. i'll be sure to send some snail mail your way.


9:00 AM  

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