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Thursday, May 25, 2006


Just in case you were wondering what someone packs when moving to Zambia for 27 months (and becuase a few of you have asked to see my list so you know what I will already have in Zambia), I have compiled a list (in no particular order because thats just how confusing packing really is!):

raincoat. fleece. long-sleeved shirt. hoodie. 3 t-shirts. underwear. socks. bathing suit. zip-off pants. 3/4 length polo shirt. polo t-shirt. capri pants. baseball hat. 3 skirts. blouse. dress. 2 pairs of Chacos. flip-flops. hiking shoes. tennis shoes. dressy sandals. slip. toothpaste. shampoo. face wash. face lotion. 3 toothbrushes. flashlight. power of attorney. will. photos. washcloth. USB drive for camera. nail clippers. eyedrops. credit cards. drivers license. wallet. powder. sunscreen. aloe vera. body wash. vitamins. dental floss. comb. PJ pants. razors. can opener. cookbook. ziplock bags. juice mixes. umbrella. head lamp. sleeping bag. tent. leatherman. iPod. speakers. solar charger. camera. AA batteries. AAA batteries. rechargeable batteries. battery charger. hairbands. bobby pins. 2 nalgenes. sunglasses. watch. alarm clock. Timbuk2 bag. money belt. journal. ID photos. sewing kit. sleeping pad. maps of US/Zambia/World. notecards. measuring cups. Tamaflu. wet wipes. address book. WHO card. sudoku. crossword puzzles. tank tops.

Hopefully I can fit it all, and if not, oh well. Remind me again why I got a tent? Come and visit me so that I have a use for it at least!

Note that I didn't have very much room for books, they'll be the last things packed. If you read a great book and no longer want it, and think I should read it too... send it to me!


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