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Wednesday, April 26, 2006


Welcome to my blog. This is a place for my family and friends to read about some of my experiences in Zambia as an HIV/AIDS Peace Corps Volunteer. I will be posting as computers are available!

Letters are most practical, so write me! My address for the first two months (probably through July) is:

P.O. BOX 21527

Some suggestions for ensuring that letters (and packages) get to me safely:

Don't forget to write "Air Mail" or "Par Avion" on letters, I have also heard that writing "Used Religious Materials" on packages makes it more likely that they will get to me. A note about packages, I have to pay taxes based upon the worth that you claim for the package when I recieve it, so underestimate if you send packages.

KEEP IN TOUCH! (and don't forget to include your return address so that I can write you back!)


Anonymous david said...

of course i will write letters. and who knows, i might even be able to work out a visit.

6:19 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Well this certainly puts it all in perspective. I can't believe you are going and then again, I can. I am so proud to know you Katey King! My prayers will be with you and I look foward to reading the blogs. We will send pictures from Ewan and Dallan to you! Take care. Love-Marta

5:25 PM  

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