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Monday, February 19, 2007

A Night at the Clinic

So, in short, I slept with a member of my clinic staff.

Now that I have your attention, here is the story:
Last Wednesday I rode my bike the 10km to a meeting at my clinic only to find that only 2 of the 17 people supposed to be there actually showed up (conclusion: cancelled meeting). I was feeling a bit under the weather so I decided it might be better to wait a bit before heading back home (i.e. for the sun to go down a bit). At about 4:30 PM I went to go get my bicycle, only to find my rear tire completely deflated. The handy bike-lady that I am, I quickly turned it upside down, removed the tire, removed the tube, found the leak, patched it up, put everything back together and was on the road again in about half an hour.
This would have all been fine and dandy if my tire hadn't deflated again just in front of the Chief's Palace 3 minutes away. So, I got off my bike and walked it back to the clinic. I got my friend who works at the clinic to help me again and he tried to patch the tire... no use. So then we called upon the BEST "mr. fixits" in the world... young village boys in Zambia! They tried EVERYTHING... fire, charcoal, stones, all sizes of rubber, different glues, different patches... but to no avail. Then the sun went down. I obviously wouldn't be returning to my village Wednesday night.
It was then arranged that I would stay with the single, female nurse at her house for the night after being entertained at the third clinic house by nigerian films (if gillian is reading this... yes, just like the ones the creepy priest used to show at his house). So, I found myself a bit under the weather, wearing someone elses pajamas, and sleeping (well barely) next to them in their bed (mind you, she just arrived at my clinic last month, so while she is awesome, we don't really know eachother!). It was a good night overall... ate some sima, etc.
The next morning another flock of village boys arrived to assist with the bicycle tube. Try as they did, there was no use... it was not repairable! I couldn't realistically walk the 10km back to my house to fetch some things, and then the 30km to town to get it fixed... enter the art of "Zam-rigging"! I was then given the tube from the Zambian bicycle used by the clinic (their only form of transport when the motorbike doesnt work), which really isnt the right size for my bike, nor does my pump work on it. Anyway, I made it home to tell the village I was alive after an unexpected night away, and that I would be gone for a few days to fix my bike (AGAIN!). Then I made it safely to town (well, mostly... i did fall off of my bike once and scraped up my leg).
Luckily I didn't have to go all the way to Chipata, and Jeff was kind enough to send TWO new bike tubes to me via another volunteer. I got sicker, and am still in town fighting off the flu before I make the trek back to the village just in time for Liz and Josh to come and visit!
Well, there you have it, the summary of yet another chapter in "The Adventures of a Mzungu in Africa: Zambia"
Yes, you are welcome for 2 updates in such a short span of time!
Oh, my Dutch friend Irma was telling me that Josh, Liz, and I are all weird... now if anyone knows Liz, they know why, and Josh has his signature quirks as well... but I asked what made me weird. Irma's response, "You're just so Glow-In-The-Dark". Take that as you will I guess.
Missing everyone... you should come visit me!!! Zambia is AMAZING!


Anonymous Mama said...

Shall we start sending a bike over there piece by piece????

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Katey King rocks my socks!

luf, justin

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