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Sunday, October 19, 2008

Its been a long long long time eh?

After recieving many complaints, mostly from my Mom... I have finally found the time to update my blog... sorry for the delay.
Since the last post a lot has happened: 1. I finished my service in the village 2. I moved to the provincial headquarters and began my job as the provincial coordinator (PCVL) 3. I went on vacation to Kenya... and many other things inbetween!
1. I wrapped up all of my projects and left some for the new volunteer (who has since moved into the village). The goodbye was sad, one little girl refused to come near me and cried as I biked out of my village for the very last time with pounds and pounds of groundnuts on my bike rack (given to me as rememberance gifts/going away gifts). However, it was time to go. Not only was 2 years just enough time to get some projects done and really accomplish something, but I was ready for a change of pace! I still hear from my village every once in a while, and my neighbor named her baby Katey after me shortly after I left, what an honor!
2. After leaving the village, I became PCVL which is more of an adminstrative position that allows me to work with the Lusaka office, provincial and district government counterparts, volunteers, and volunteer communities. Its a wonderful change of pace, those who know me know that I enjoy being busy and multi tasking, none of which really happened in the village.
3. I just returned from a vacation to Kenya where I got to revisit the old haunts of my college experience there. It was amazing to be back where I first fell in love with life in Africa. It was also amazing the number of people who remembered me four years later, though they had no idea I would be returning! My friend Liz came along with me on the trip to Lamu and Mombasa where we were able to relax, drink tea with people in their homes and catch up on what was happening in everyones lives.
I realize this post is rather mundane and boring, but now that I have caught you up, and now that I live in a house with running water and electricity in a town where there is internet, Ill try to be better about posting the more interesting tidbits of my zamlife!


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