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Thursday, January 31, 2008

quick tidbits

Life in the village has been good. Its always excellent to get back into a routine, back to work, and be in my own hut after being away. Christmas and New years wee relaxing and I was eager to get back to work.
Other than my 3 current projects (sewing IGA, youth friendly corner, and community AIDS task force training) I've been spending a lot of time just soaking-up village life. The time between now and the end of July is just going to FLY by!
One day EVERYONE painted their nails with the polish I bought the girls for Christmas. I planted a field of corn and soya with the help of every village kid- I guess its more entertaining to hoe in my field and watch me than work with their parents in their own fields. I watched half of a movie at my nurse's house, the solar power ran out... since it is the rainy season and all. I do laungry and pray that it doesn't rain.... but inevitably it takes 3 days for ANYTHING to dry. I hang out and chat with anyone who is around. I confuse the new teachers at the school who, no matter how much I explain who I am, are still confused every time I walk through the school on my way to work or to fetch water. Finally, I eat a lot of mangoes... sadly the mango season is ending... but guavas will be here soon!
Work is going well, which is rare for the rainy season so that is keeping me motivated! Unfortunately we did find out that a little boy that I adore tested positive for HIV at 18 months old (both of his parents are HIV positive). That has been one of the toughest things to deal with in my service here, and my life in general! He is an awesome kid. We have been eating breakfasts together now so that he gets breakfast (since no one usually eats before going to the fields and return around 10am or 11am). He is IN LOVE with hot chocolate... "AKet, nipeko ho cho cho, ho cho cho" "Katey, please give me hot chocolate"... adorable, right?
I am looking forward to seeing americaland and the people there in a month... the week i am there is just going to fly by!


Anonymous amy howard said...

Hey Katie! It was great to see you at Jill's wedding! I just read some of your posts, everything sounds incredible. I hope that I get the chance some day to do something like this. I hope you had a great time in "americaland"!!

8:15 AM  

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