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Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Sewing along

A while ago I started a group comprised of representatives from all of the HIV/AIDS groups in my area: Zumwanda Cooperating HIV/AIDS Partners (ZCHAP). The group has big plans and lots of ideas for people living with HIV/AIDS (PLWHA) and orphans and vulnerable children (OVC) support, as well as community outreach HIV/AIDS education programs. Each group represented has been able to implement their own programs (home based care, education, etc.) but the cummulative group, ZCHAP has no government supporter or funds. The group therefore decided to start an income generating activity (IGA) of their own in order to fund their programs. The idea of a sewing business was born.
With the kind support of friends and family at home as well as the DCHS National Honors Society, the club was able to purchase a sewing machine and all the start-up materials necessary for their business. A member of the group is teaching others how to cut fabric and sew. They are sewing school uniforms and will begin shortly to make purses and other bags to sell.
The whole venture is proving entertaining and rewarding. Entertaining as they teach eachother and laugh and exclaim that the other has failed before they start over again. Rewarding because its a big project and its actually coming together nicely!


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